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Remodeling Services

Have you purchased or inherited a house that’s just outdated?

Maybe it doesn’t fit into your current style or way of living. Not to worry, because we can take care of that…

A partial or whole house remodel can provide you with many things, as an oasis away from work. A house transformation sits with quiet dignity and provides comfortable living for the entire family! Our team can address anything, from widening doorways to pushing out walls to create a more open environment. We can create you a second floor laundry room or a comforting mud room to ease your stress level. Function is essential, but beauty is even more important. It will make you love to be home! You will look forward to having people drop by and be enthusiastic the moment your doorbell rings. What is the essential “goal” of your renovation?

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At Costa Rica Realty, we offer you services consisting of:

  • Friendly, open and diligent construction professionals throughout the entire process.

  • A design and rendering that will give you ease of mind and a vision of the project.

  • Creative thinking, detailed planning and exceptional project management.

  • An estimate that is thorough and clearly defines the work CR Realty will do for you & your family within your budget.

  • Trusted vendor relationships, offering you the best price for your job and materials.

  • Permits.

  • Architects.

We like to make coming home pleasurable!

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