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Our Company

Using neighborhood-smarts and ingenuity, our agents help you find the answer. We know choosing a home amounts to more than closet space, good light, and square footage; it’s discovering the place to dream, create, and express your way of life and contribute to your community.

Our agents use vision and heart, matching people with a house that becomes home. Whether it’s time to buy or sell, we deliver confident representation that moves quickly and maximizes value.

We are more than residential realtors. If you’re a renter, we find the right home or apartment in a neighborhood that suits your style. If you’re an investor, we’ll manage your property, placing and managing tenants while handling property maintenance.

We will advise you on buying a home in Costa Rica or getting a vacation rental in Costa Rica, meeting your needs and budget!

Costa Rica  has a tremendous tourism potential, and it has quickly become a major vacation destination worldwide. It is a democratic, peaceful and stable country.  Acquiring a property in Costa Rica is probably one of the most important purchases that you can make in your lifetime!



To promote, honor and embrace the culture within our community.



To create meaningful and powerful relationships in our community.



To honor ourselves and those around us by doing what we say and saying what we mean.



To cultivate joy through energy and gratitude.



To create achievement and enjoyment each day.



To appreciate and value what we have in order to create true generosity.



To achieve excellence through distinctive client experience and service.



To seek relevance, beauty and meaning in all we do.

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