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Property Management

Ensure day to day operations/maintenance and preservation of the home or condominium, according to the maintenance contract established with the owner.

Cleaning services.

Contracting professional services to complete all maintenance and any repairs required.

Inspect the unit weekly to ensure the unit is in good repair, and that no damages or vandalism have occurred, as well as to ensure presence on the property.

Verification according to our mutual contract, that all household operating systems are effectively working (electrical, water, A/C, gates & pool if available).

Success! Message received.

Provide interior maintenance of the unit. We will forward a description and amount to the owner for approval before any maintenance is done.

Contact owner or owner’s representative if any significant problems are identified.

Take emergency measures as required.

We ensure all bills are paid in a prior to the due date in a timely manner:

  • Electric, water, phone, and cable

  • Contracted staff; gardener, pool and cleaning staff

  • Repair and maintenance bills

  • HOA Fees

  • Property taxes

  • Any other payments due and agreed upon by the owner and Costa Rica Realty

Costa Rica Realty makes sure that the home or condominium is rental/owner ready at all times unless under repair.

Hiring and supervision of all contracted staff.

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